“My problem is: I dont’ have dysphoria”. On wanting to be transgender

Transgender Reality highlights how young women develop “dysphoria” through crowd encouragement, mostly by men.

Transgender Reality

A poster asks r/asktransgender: How do you know you’re transgender? (archived link)

Growing up, I was always a ‘tomboy’. I liked to play with boys, playing soccer, with legos and remote controlled cars. I liked to wear boy’s clothes, baggy pants and shirts, and hated wearing skirts and dresses. Since I was about 11 I had my hair cut short.

It’s the same obsession with gender stereotypes that we’re seen before, but this time from the female perspective. Rejecting the female gender role is seen as unusual, and potentially signifying something more than just not liking the female gender role.

During the years from about 11-15/16, I honestly wished I was a boy. I wanted to be a boy, it made me happy when people accidentally gendered me as a boy, (though it upset me when people purposely called me a boy to be mean). I hit…

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